Andrea Felder Geschäftsführerin Vandenberg Stonehedge-Gruppe

Andrea Felder

Head of Communications and PR

Mrs. Felder is your contact person for press relations.

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Stonehedge builds about 180 apartments in Basdorf in the Berlin sub-area

Stonehedge has acquired two plots of land on the grounds of the former police academy in Basdorf near to Wandlitz, which are to be developed into a living quarter by 2020. The concept includes terraced houses and apartments in different types of buildings, which, with meeting areas, result in an architecturally and urbanistic varied overall concept.

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Reducing the purchase costs brings no relief for homebuyers

Neither a regulation of brokerage fee nor a reduction of real estate transfer tax can promote home ownership or relieve buyers. Due to the high demand for residential property, the seller has little competition and will price marketing costs in the purchase price. The only effective way to relieve home buyers is to increase house building activities. By Nedeljko Prodanovic

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Property tax C – The advantages of an additional building land tax

The idea of a property tax C for building land mobilization, intended by the government, is to curb speculation with undeveloped land. The effect of the measure is controversial, especially since it was ineffective in the 60s. But the positive effect of the building land tax could be an opportunity today, especially in popular cities. Readable in German.

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Housing shortages in big cities: find the potential under the roof

The expansion of attic floors and the addition of existing buildings can help to minimize the lack of housing in major cities. However, it is not easy to raise the potential of infill-development. The obstacles are varied and slow down the decision-making and execution of the projects. The article is readable for FAZ subscribers. Readable in German.

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The housing program of the German government must not fizzle

Lack of building initiatives in Berlin prevent the implementation of the goal of building 1.5 million new homes nationwide in the next 3.5 years. The number of approved apartments has fallen. At the same time, Berlin continues to experience a strong influx. What has to happen in our cities, Nedeljko Prodanovic discusses in the article. Readable in German.

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Successful business development of the Stonehedge Group

The Stonehedge Group was able to achieve a total volume of sales of residential real estate totaling € 66.3 million and a 75 percent increase in residential apartment sales in 2017. We plan for further growth in 2018, especially in the area of ​​home ownership. Various projects in Berlin are in preparation and will successively go into the marketing.

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Stonehedge acquires two residential buildings in Wilmersdorf

A company of the Stonehedge Group has acquired two apartment buildings in Berlin Wilmersdorf from Quantum Immobilien Kapitalverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH. The transaction was brokered through a structured process by BNP Paribas Real Estate GmbH & Co. KG. All parties agreed on silence concerning the purchase price.

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How German government could boost home ownership for more people

In this article at, Nedeljko Prodanovic discusses which measures the cities themselves can take to get people into their own home. More and more middle-income people can not afford home ownership. It is time for a new federal government to tackle this problem. It also has to try new ways in solving. Readable in German.

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The purchase of an existing apartment is often worthwhile

The prices for new housing in the metropolises are usually dizzyingly high. Therefore, it is often worthwhile to search for older apartments in the existing stock instead of buying an expensive new-build apartment. What to look for when buying e.g. in favorite “Altbau”-buildings, is explained in the article “Find the error”. Readable in German.

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Anyone can sell vacant – how to find a buyer for a rented apartment

The supreme discipline in real estate sales: who wants to sell a rented apartment should follow certain rules. Good advice and transparent, open communication at all levels are the basis for successful marketing. Often it is a way for tenants to become owners. Nedeljko Prodanovic says what is important in sale of rented apartments. Readable in German.

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11 condominiums instead of office floors in historical Potsdam

From an early office building in Voltaireweg Stonehedge has made a residential building. When the building was integrated into Potsdam’s architecture, the façade of the ’90s-style building in neo-classical style was newly redesigned. The result are 11 condominiums in a historic neighborhood, which were sold by Vandenberg. Readable in German.

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Going suburban: Where real estate prices are better than in town

Cities like Berlin, Munich and Hamburg continue to enjoy great popularity. Rents and purchase prices have increased so much that many can no longer afford to live in urban areas. Pulling into the suburban area can be an alternative. Whether commuting is worthwhile is answered by Nedeljko Prodanovic in his contribution. Readable in German.

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