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Voltaireweg 12 / Schlegelstraße 6
14469 Potsdam – Jägervorstadt

  • 19 Apartments
  • 49 m² to 147 m²
  • Total floor area 1.932 m²
  • Status: completed
  • Project development, Renovation, construction Monitoring, sales
  • Reclassification commercial to residential: Construction new facade, floor plans, common yard
  • Renovation Schlegelstraße: Facade, stairway
  • Marketing: Branding
  • Sales duration: 16 months

The property is located in the historic Potsdam in the conservation area (UNESCO) near the Sanssouci Palace Park in the Jägervorstadt. The building was a visually uninviting four-storey new building from 1995, consisting of two adjacent front houses (1 residential building, 1 vacant commercial complex). The commercial section in Voltaireweg 12 consisted of office floors with open-plan offices and a canteen in the attic.


The goal was to transform the partially vacant commercial property from the 90s into high-quality inner-city living space, upgrade it architecturally and incorporate it into the cityscape of Potsdam. The façade was completely redesigned in consultation with the city of Potsdam, the windows exchanged and the color of the entire building adapted to the design of the rest of the cityscape.

The layout of the floor plan was challenged by the given shape with long corridors, no supporting walls, the lighting situation, hardly any south-facing areas and the building depth.

As a result, the object no longer looks like a foreign object and fits into the uniform cityscape. Attractive floor plans have been realized with good lighting conditions and beautiful views from the terraces and balconies to the outdoor facilities.

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